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Android Feb 28, 2020

This is all summary about my session in Android Bangkok 2019

My goal in this year is study about Material Design to use in Android Application. I prepared for this to talk and change sequence to tell this.

Finally, I picked 10 Material Components and 5 design topics but I have 30 minute to talk when pick only 5 components in Android Bangkok 2019.

I prepared my blog content relate presentation but my presentation had more change then I write blog for getting start to try Material Components which I cannot put this in my presentation content.

How to Getting Start to try Material Components in your project
I think some developer have problem for create some UI in application then Material Design help you for this.

and write 2 blogs for 2 Material Components in my session

  • Text Field
Why I love Text Field from Material Design?
If you create UI for login page in your app, you create more view for 1 input such as TextView, EditText, and ImageView. Is it better use…
  • Chips (not Chip & Dale :P)
How to collaboration Chips from Material Design in your life?
About Chips, everyone think about potato chip, chocolate chip and something like that but Chips for Android Developer is small block view

I write this blog for collect my content in this session and thank you everyone to join in this. Finally, this is video for my session but missing at first component :(

This is my presentation for this.

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